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Welcome to Amanda’s Blog

The Emmy Award-winning Making It Grow! is a live, interactive call-in program produced by ETV and Clemson University. Host Amanda McNulty from Clemson Extension shares her thoughts on gardening topics. Watch Making It Grow! Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.


July 16, 2013

Only thirty percent chance of rain today, and we are getting all thirty percent. Although I can’t remember ever having a summer this wet, I’m not going to complain as it beats a drought. But the mosquito situation is severe.

Several nights I’ve had a mosquito in the bedroom and that leads to two scenarios. Sometimes it buzzes past my ear as it aims for my check; once in a while I actually manage to swat it (and myself). More often it bites my hand that is sticking out from under the pillow.

Our hands are computer chips of receptor… READ MORE

Horse Nettle

June 21, 2013

Even thirty years ago, our Charleston friends couldn’t afford houses in the fancified parts of town, but they still wanted to be” in town, “ so lived in wonderful apartments in remarkably designed olderstructures. Most of these had non-existent yards, so container gardening was the rage even then for our urban dwelling compatriots. The city didn’t do lots of street beautification in those neighborhoods, and the spaces between sidewalks and streets were infrequently mowed and home to assorted self-established plants.

We went down for a weekend visit right after my mother died (she died thirty years ago this June 19th,… READ MORE

Coming Up for Air

Coming Up for Air

June 10, 2013

We’ve been getting lots of calls at the Extension office about home invasions. “I’ve got these long, skinny, crunchy bugs all over my patio, bathroom, sun room, etc.” Even the community development agent and 4-H volunteersknow the answer by now – garden millipedes. They’ve got them, too!

Technically, they aren’t insects or bugs but rather belong in the class Diplopoda – two feet. Each body segment on a millipede has two legs, which is good as centipedes, Chilopoda, one pair of legs at each segment, are meat eaters and disable their prey with poison injected from glands near their head.… READ MORE


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