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February 2014 Winthrop Poll Released

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The newest Winthrop Poll was released today and one of the questions focused on the upcoming U.S. Senate Republican Primary. The poll surveyed 901 likely Republican Primary voters during the week of February 16 – 23, 2014

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s senior senator, received 45% when asked who you would vote for if the election was held today.
  • State Senator Lee Bright came in after Graham, with 8.5% of the vote; while 34% are still undecided.

Poll Director Scott Huffmon stated in the findings:

“While U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s level of support is 45%, he is not in “real trouble” simply because his share is below the 50% run-off threshold. The vast majority of undecided could be distributed to the other candidates and, assuming Graham gets some share, it could easily be enough to put him over 50%.”

“However, Huffmon said, the fact that S.C.’s senior senator does not have significantly higher than the threshold means this race is not “completely safe” for him, either. While his support among those who approve of the Tea Party is roughly 25% lower than his support among the likely GOP primary voters as a whole, Graham still garners roughly a third of their support. While Tea Party-approving voters like Graham much less than all likely voters, it is simply not accurate to say all Tea Party-friendly voters are aligned against him.”

As for the other announced candidates, Nancy Mace received 3.5%, Bill Connor received 3.7%, and Richard Cash received 2.9%.

The primary election will take place on June 10, 2014.



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