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Superintendent of Education, Republican - Debate

The Superintendent of Education – Republican debate was recorded live at ETV studios in Columbia, S.C.

  • Sally Atwater
  • Gary Burgess
  • Meka Childs
  • Amy Cofield
  • Sheri Few
  • Don Jordan
  • Elizabeth Moffly
  • Molly Spearman



Laurie Jordan

Laurie Jordan wrote on 05/27/14 5:35 PM

PASS tests are the culminating tests for elementary and middle school students. Most schools have 2-3 weeks of school left after PASS tests are given. This means that students have had only 165 days of instruction of their 180 days. Since scores are not returned until late summer anyway, why is PASS not given the last week of school and used as the final test?
Nicole Monteith

Nicole Monteith wrote on 05/27/14 11:25 PM

Meka is straight up creepy, why was she always laughing while she was talking? She is clearly the establishment pick, which is why all of Graham's supporters are also trying to get her elected. What's up with Sally always talking about her dead husband? Creepy! Amy Cofield sounds like some Alabama trailer park reject. Ditto Sally Atwater, she sounds like she's drunk. I cant understand a word either of them are saying! We are in big trouble here.

Susanne wrote on 06/09/14 8:29 PM

Oh -- why, why? Common core is not awful, the testing that goes with it is. Common core does NOT say you can't read such and such text - it makes suggestions for grade levels. Suggestions. I'm a teacher. These people are making me cringe talking about situations which they clearly do not understand. That grading policy Cofield talks about was district level not Common Core. Come on, South Carolina, let's do better than this. We do not need to waste time re-writing the standards. We've done that. We have standards if we continue with the current "dump" of common core, but remember, when we are ranked nationally and we are so far down the list, it's because the standards are not the same from state to state. If you want an even playing field for the nation as far as standards, it's got to be something national.

MIchael wrote on 06/10/14 2:28 AM

Susanne your full of it! Common core needs to go BY BY!
Concerned Citizen

Concerned Citizen wrote on 06/10/14 10:52 AM

Michael, your poor grammar shows that improvement is needed in education. I personally don't believe it's the role of government to provide education. I believe if we had less government control of education and let schools come up with new ways to teach and compete against each other, we'd see big improvements in what our kids learn and how they learn. How many times did we all sit in class and think, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?" Too often. We don't teach kids how to think, we don't teach them real-world skills, and we don't teach them about basic economics and basic personal finance. Everyone should read "Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem" by Jay W. Richards and "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt.
David H

David H wrote on 06/10/14 5:56 PM

As a teacher who has taught in two other states, Common Core is an attempt to have students transfer knowledge when they move from one state to another. High stakes testing is not Common Core standards. I do think that with any fundamental government change like Common Core they will be issues. Yet, the standards are always being reevaluated and best practices are usually implemented by teachers and hopefully, by individual districts. The major issues presented is that our traditional classroom model may be out of date. After 10 years in public education, 15 years as a corporate trainer and having my Doctorate degree I have seen what works and more of what doesn't. This year I switched to a Charter school setting where the students learn in a virtual school type environment at their own pace with both rigor and relevance. The standards are incorporated into the curriculum and valuable tutorials are imbedded in the lessons. The net results in that classroom management is not an issue, that students of various ability can learn without distractions and consistent teaching practices are always followed. There is no wasted time and effort by both student and instructor. The real question is why can't this model be used district and state wide. It eliminates poor instruction, allows more one on one interaction with the teacher and no classroom distractions that prevent learning. Additionally, absenteeism is a non issue as both student and teacher can still interact fro home on poor weather days.
Sheila Gantt

Sheila Gantt wrote on 06/22/14 1:24 PM

Good question Laurie! Teachers are (more often than not) not finished with instruction on tested standards and rushing through at the last minute to try and get standards covered before students have to take the ir tests. The same holds true for MAP testing. Testing occurs a good month to two months before school is out. Therefore testing does not accurately depict our students' knowledge at the end of the year. Testing should be moved back. I agree with Suzanne in that common core is a good thing. The assessment for common core is what needs to be revamped. Two critical problems with the test are that the typing skills and how fast a child can or can not think does not accurately reflect what the child knows.

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