Countdown to Primary Election:


Debates Schedule

ETV, in collaboration with The State newspaper, The Greenville News, and other newspapers around the state, is planning a series of televised debates prior to the June 10th primary.  In addition to the live broadcasts on ETV-HD, the debates will stream live on and via participating local newspaper websites to extend the availability of the debates.  


Superintendent of Education – Democrat

  • Montrio Belton
  • Sheila Gallagher 
  • Jerry Govan
  • Thomas Thompson   

Superintendent of Education – Republican

  • Sally Atwater
  • Gary Burgess
  • Meka Childs
  • Amy Cofield
  • Sheri Few
  • Don Jordan
  • Elizabeth Moffly
  • Molly Spearman

US Senate - Democrat

  • Joyce Dickerson
  • Harold Pavlick

Lt. Governor – Republican

  • Mike Campbell
  • Pat McKinney
  • Henry McMaster
  • Ray Moore

US Senate - Republican  

  • Det Bowers
  • Richard Cash
  • Lee Bright
  • Bill Connor
  • Benjamin Dunn
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Nancy Mace

Superintendent of Education, Democrat Runoff Debate
  • Sheila Gallagher
  • Tom Thompson 



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