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Summer and Fall 2013

19th Century Turning Points in US History series
Alan Nursall Experience series
All the President’s Men Revisited
America: Facts versus Fiction series
An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America
Big Brain Theory series
Big Picture: Guns in Our School
Big Picture: Jazz
Big Picture: Robert Smalls
Career Technology Educators of Excellence (In Our Schools)
CCSS Training series
Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip Series (2013-2014)
Commander in Chief: Inside the Oval Office series
Constitution Day: Background and Celebration
Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind series
Curiosity: Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real
Daily Planet Segments series
Dan Snow’s Battle of the Somme
Date Rape Drugs – Be Proactive and Protect Yourself
Eating the Enemy series
Fracking: Positive or Negative Impact?
Geography and Cultures of Africa series
Global Wrap (Weekly News Series)
Heads Up
Health: When Sex, Race and Location Matter
Holiday Facts and Fun: Constitution Day
How the Earth Works series
How the Universe Works series
In Our Schools: Educators of Excellence
Insects and the City
JFK: The Lost Tapes
Language of Science: Life Science series
Language of Science: Physical Science series
Let’s Look at World Religions series
Making of Mandela, The
Meth 101
Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster
One Minute in a Museum series
Outrageous Acts of Science series
Pacific Theater series
Palmetto’s Finest 2013
Presidents’ Gatekeepers series
Saving Carren
SC Hall of Fame: John Lide Coker
SC Historical Society 2013
Science and the City series
ecret Life of Money
Short Takes with Naturalist Rudy Mancke
SLICE: Short Introduction
Smithsonian Institution: Ecosystem series
Social Studies Video Vocab: Intermediate series
Social Studies Video Vocab: Primary series
Standard Deviants Guidance Systems series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Algebra series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Arithmetic series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Biology
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Chemistry series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Earth Science series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: English Composition series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Fundamental Math series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Nutrition series
Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: US History series
Strip the City series
Swarm Chasers: Locusts
Teen Kids News
The ‘R’ Word
the.News series
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman series
To Catch a Dollar series

April 2013

Animated Hero Classics (Spanish Version) series
Big Picture: Guns In Our Schools
In Our Schools - School Health Success Stries
Palmetto's Finest 2013
Social Studies Video Vocab: intermediate
Unique Straetgies or TEaching Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication
Wild Deep series

March 2013

Assistive Technology and the Achievement Gap
Autism Training Series
Behavioral Strategies
Being French
Being Italian
Big Picture: Guns in Our Schools
Evaluating Instructional Materials
Fantastic Plastics series
Flag Facts
Health Bites
Health Education Curriculum Guide Training
In Our Schools ñ Implementing the ESEA Flexibility Plan
In Our Schools ñ SC School Health Success Stories
Introduction to Communication and Augmentative Systems
Issues in Globalization series
Journey to the Extreme: Virtual Field Trip to Mars
Learning While Laughing: Decoding
Letís Look at World Religions series
Magic School Bus Spanish Version
March to Justice
Military Salutes
Mutation: The Science of Survival
Pacific Theater series
Palmettoís Finest 2013-03-27
Please Teach Me to Communicate
Switched on Students
Teachers, Technology and the Common Core Transition
Text Modifications
USS Arizona to USS Missouri: The Story of Two Great American Battleships
Writing Instruction

February 2013

26th Annual Benedict College Black History Teleconference (2013)
Animal Behavior: Animal Cam
At Sea series
Big Picture: Senator Tim Scott
Carolina Stories: The Education of Harvey Gantt
Circulatory System, The
Common Sense Media K-5: My Online Neighborhood
Common Sense Media 6-8: Digital Life series
Edible Alphabet
Endocrine System, The
ESOL Information Updates 2012-2013
Family & Consumer Sciences Overview
Finding Money For College 2013
Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect and Visionary
Geography and Cultures of South America, The
In Our Schools: Career & Technology Education Partnerships for SC
In Our Schools: Implementing the ESEA Flexibility Plan
Language of Science: Physical Science 3-5 series
Language of Science: Physical Science K-2 series
Nervous System, The
Our Nationís Capitol Electronic Field Trip
Reproductive System, The
Riverbanks Roundup: Telling Tails
SC Governorís Council on Physical Fitness ñ PSAs 2013
SC Hall of Fame Short

January 2013

America’s Louisiana Purchase
At Sea: Naval Aviation
Ba-Da-Bing: Best Practice for Test Practice with Grethchen Bernabei
Build It Bigger series
Digestive and Excretory Systems, The
Eating Giants: Elephant
Facts on Fire series
Kids: Trying to Trim Down
Making Dollars From $ense 2012-2013 – NEW Stock Market Game
Nutrition: Today’s Guide to a Healthy Life!
Pomoc! Tulong! Help! Working with an English Language Learner in a Digital Land
Riverbanks Roundup: A Day in the Life
School Health, Nutrition & Physical Activity – Making IT Happen! 2012-2013
Signpost to Freedom: The 1953 Baton Rouge Bus Boycott
Skeletal and Muscular Systems, The

October 2012

ARTiculation ALIVE! 2012-2013
CCSS Training
Discover Your Skills
Gender in the Classroom 2012-2013
In Our Schools: Exploring the Digital Classroom
In Our Schools: Nominees for National Blue Ribbon Schools Award 2012
Literacy Matters 2012-2013
A Literary Tour of South Carolina: C. Hope Clark
Making Dollars From $ense – NEW Stock Market Game
Me and My 500 Friends: Staying Safe on Social Networks
Nuestro Futuro
Pathways to Graduation (PTG) 2012-2013
Proficiency and Planning in Language Immersion Programs
Short Takes With Naturalist Rudy Mancke
South Carolina Flyover
South Carolina State Museum: Resources for Educators 2012-2013
Spanish Voices
Special Education Updates 2012-2013
Stash that Cash: Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Teens
State House Constitution Day Special – James Otis Lecture 2012
Take on the South series
TechBytes 2012-2013: Technology for the Classroom!
Writer’s Workshop Grade 5
Writing Editorials Using Mentor Texts

September 2012

9/11 Tapes: Chaos in the Sky
Carolina Careers 2012-13
Carolina Careers Career Guidance Workshops 2012-13
CCSS Training 8/09/12: Social Studies Academic Standards
Citizen’s Rule series
Common Core Primary – Math – CCP Navigation for Students
Complete History of the US Wars: 1700-2004, series
Constitution and Constitution Day: A Beginner’s Guide
Content Knowledge for Teachers
Conversation about the 2012 Social Studies Support Document
Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind
Critical Issues in Gifted and Talented
Election 2012 series
eMedia Office 2012
Exploring Communities series
Exploring Our Past: Native Peoples series
Literary Tour of South Caroling: Janette Turner Hospital
Look Mom! I Have Good Manners
Marvel and Friends series
Missions that Changed the War: Enola Gay series
Montessori on the Move in SC 2012-13
Navigating SLICE and SPPS
Power Trip: Bullying in School
Remembering 9/11 brought to you by the SC National Guard
Sally Ride, 61, Left Major Imprint on Space Program
SIG Educator Evaluation Project and Online Title 1 Application
Smithsonian Institution: Anthropology series
Standing Up for Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement in America
Standing Up for Freedom: The Story of Rosa Parks
State Gifted and Talented in SC 2012-13
Welcome to My Career
You’re Mean! When Words Hurt

Summer 2012

Bed Bug Apocalypse
Black Tide: Voices from the Gulf
Carolina Stories: Incident at Mars Bluff
Common Sense Media 6-8 Respecting Creative Work series
Condoleezza Rice: Her Life and Career
Discovery Atlas series
Fire in Our Hearts
Impressionist Masters, The
In Our Schools: LiteracySC
In Our Schools: Principals of Excellence
James Joyce’s Dublin: The Ulysses Tour
Language of Science: Life Science: Plants
Literary Tour of South Carolina series
Palmetto Heritage series
Prophets of Science Fiction series
Project Discovery – SC Aquarium & Capers Island
Riverbanks Roundup – Australian Walkabout
Smithsonian Institution: Anthropology
Surviving D-Day
Trek Nation: Star Trek and the 1960’s
Worldwide English series

May 2012

Carolina First Palmetto’s Finest 2012
Literacy Matters series
In Our Schools: Connecting the Classroom to the World of Work
In Our Schools: CTE Articulation in Trident Region
In Our Schools: Teachers of Excellence
Exercise Series: Feel Good, Think Sharp, Look Your Best

April 2012

Business, Marketing, Finance and Technology Winter 2011-12 Updates
Carolina Stories – Homecoming: The Art of Jonathon Green and Leo Twiggs
Carolina Stories – The Penn Center: A Legacy of Change
Dirty Jobs: Skilled Trades series
Ecopolis series
Finding Money for College 2012
The Geography and Cultures of South East Asia
In Our Schools – Connecting the Classroom to the World of Work
In Our Schools – CTE Articulation in Trident Region
Monster Bug Wars series
Riverbanks Roundup: Animal Survival Tactics
Savaged with Dave Salmoni series
Sci Fi Science with Michio Kaku series

Winter 2012  


March 2012
School Food Services Training


February 2012
Idella Bodie’s South Carolina Women: Dicey Langston
Fort Sumter


March 2012
Commanders at War series
Creating Assessments for Student Success
MLK Memorial Emerges from Stone
“Not Your Grandmother’s Iowa Caucus”
Students Remember King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

February 2012
Life and Death of Glaciers, The
Prophets of Science Fiction series
Healthy Hannah’s Healthy Choice Heroes
Smithsonian Institution: Meet Our Scientists series
Day to Remember: Memorial Day
Holiday Facts and Fun: Memorial Day
Snapshot series
MyPlate: Dietary Guidelines for Elementary Students
Battle of Eutaw Springs 1781
Financial Literacy: Teach It! series
We’re Growing Up
Sherman’s March
Growing Up! For Girls

Fall 2011  


November 2011
eLearning Coaching Initiatives 2011-12
ESOL Information Updates 2011-2012
ETV American Graduate Summit (October 2011)
ETV Stock Market Program (2011-12)
Gifted & Talented Research Based Curriculum
In Our Schools: Adult Education: Preparing SC's Next Generation Workforce
In Our Schools: Exploring the Virtual Classroom
In Our Schools: Palmetto Gold Award 2011
OCTE Fall Update 2011
Project Discovery - Honoring the Role of SC Veterans in Our History (November 2011)
Riverbanks Roundup: Zoo Yuck-ology
SCASA: Competing in a Global Society
SC State Museum Resources for Educators (2011-2012)
School Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity – Making It Happen! 2011-2012
Southern Lens: Duncan Park

October 2011
President Obama’s Back to School Speech 2011
Special Education Updates 2011-12
ARTiculation LIVE! 2011-12
Pathways to Graduation (PTG) 2011-12
The State of Gifted and Talented in SC 2011-12
In Our Schools: National Blue Ribbon Winner – Howe Hall AIMS
The eMedia Office 2011
Constitution Day: James Otis Lecture from State House
Mathematics - Implementing the Common Core State Standards for South Carolina
ELA – Implementing the Common Core State Standards for South Carolina
Overview of the SC Academic Standards for Social Studies 2011 and Assessment Implications

September 2011
Carolina Careers Career Guidance Workshops 2011-2012
Gifted and Talented Classes in Action
In Our Schools: Teachers of Excellence
Introduction to Moodle
Overview of the SC Academic Standards for Social Studies 2011
SC’s Military Career Pathways 101 Initiatives (MCP 101)
Slim Goodbody’s Daily Almanac


November 2011
Bullying and Cyber Safety
Bullying PSA’s
Career Technology Education: Meet NEW OCTE Director - Dr. Page McCraw
The Changing Curricular Context for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities:
Addressing Functional Skills within Standards-based Instruction (TRIAAD Summer Institute 2011)
CHE Act Advisory Committee Overview 2011 (Comprehensive Health Education Act)
Customer Service Basics: Service With a Smile
Daily Planet series
Digital Footprint: Watch Where You Step
Fantastic Festivals of the World: Hong Kong: Chinese Lunar New Year
Fantastic Festivals of the World: Hong Kong: Dragon Boat Carnival
Farm to School
Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table?Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts
Growing Up! For Boys
Hazard Recognition Driving for Teens
Help! I’m Stressed
Hitler’s Courts: Betrayal of the Rule of Law in Nazi Germany
Home is Where You Find It
Human Services Careers
iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the WorldKiller Outbreaks series
My Country is TibetSmithsonian Institution: Meet our Scientists series
Storm Chasers: Dixie Alley Outbreak
Through the Wormhole: Season 2 series

October 2011
Engineering the Impossible: Egypt
Engineering the Impossible: Rome
Literacy Matters
MyPlate: Guidelines for Healthy Living
The PBS NewsHour series
Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind – BIOS
Into the Shark Bite
Monster Quake: Will We Survive?
Dive to the Bottom of the World
Eyewitness to 9/11
Understanding Challenges for Students with Disabilities on State Assessment in ELA and Mathematics (TRIAAD Summer Institute 2011)
Mission Critical: Hubble

September 2011
9/11: After the Towers Fell
All About Carnivorous Plants
All About Guide Dogs
Ancient Lives
Being Chinese
Being German
Being SpanishDorothy Height on Freedom and Equality
Dude, I Need to Find a Job
Energy: The Pulse of Life
February One: The Story of the Greensboro Four
Freedom Hero series
Freedom Station series
Globe Trekker series
Great Campaigns of the Civil War
How Location Affects Life: Different Areas, Climate, Latitude
Make the Grade
Native American Grinding Rock
Plant Parts We Eat series
Relative Location
RISING: Rebuilding Ground Zero
Sago Mine Disaster
Treks in a Wild World series
What to Do About Drugs: A Legislative Hearing
Wise Owl Bully Stopper

Summer 2011  
Big Picture: Nuclear
Big Picture: The Civil War – Finding Common Ground
Carolina Stories: Jail, No Bail
Kids in the Courtroom
Nature Comes Back - 25 Years After Chernobyl
20th Century Presidents
20th Turning Points in American History series
America’s Quest for Freedom
American Frontier, The
Atoms of Fire
Becoming Americans
Career Encounters
Connect with Kids-At-Risk
Democracy it is!
Exploring Healthy Choices
Get Ready America! The National Hurricane Survival Test
History of Black Achievement in America series
History of Hispanic Achievement in America series
History of Women’s Achievement in America series
I’m Safe
In Our Schools - Finalists for SC Teacher of the Year 2011-12
Montessori on the Move in SC
Pathways to Graduation 2010-2011
Primary Citizenship
Riverbanks Roundup: Feathers and Fur
Riverbanks Roundup: Fins and Scales
Teacher’s Guide to Fixing NCLB Presented by US Dept of Ed
US Army and Education: Strengthening Youth for Lifelong Success
US History Field Trips
American Indians series
Animal Crackers series
Consumer Smarts: The Skinny on Being Savvy
Culture and Math series
First Response series
Fundamentals of Banking series
History of Chinese American Achievement in the United States series
History of Jewish American Achievements series
Killing bin Laden
Last Shuttle: Our Journey
Living With Wolves
Megaquake: Hour That Shook Japan
Powering the Future series
Preparing Teachers to Lead and Succeed
SC ETV's Lifeline
Student Toolbox series
Tornado Rampage 2011
Video Yearbook Collection: 2003
Why Your Class Should Visit Fort Sumter
YES Project (Youth Electronic Synching)
Lots more in the Reading Rainbow series
June 2011  
Carolina Stories: Jail, No Bail
SC ETV's Lifeline
Why Your Class Should Visit Fort Sumter
Connect with Kids-At-Risk
In Our Schools - Finalists for SC Teacher of the Year 2011-12
Kids in the Courtroom
Video Yearbook Collection: 2003
Lots more in the Reading Rainbow series
May 2011  
Carolina First Palmetto’s Finest 2011
America in the 20th Century: The Civil Rights Movement
Food Adventures with Charles the Chef
In Our Schools – Health and Learning
Healthy Hannah’s Health Choice Heroes
Video Yearbook Collection: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005
The Injustice Files series
Crashes That Changed Flying
Understanding the Japan Earthquake
Reality Matters for Parents series
Monsters Inside Me series
NSF’s Innovation Nation
April 2011  
Idella Bodie's South Carolina Women: Dorcas Richardson
Idella Bodie's South Carolina Women: Dr. Anne Austin Young
Carolina Stories: Ghosts and Legends of South Carolina II
Carolina Stories: Ghosts and Legends of South Carolina III
In Our Schools: Public Charter Schools - Successes and Challenges
In Our Schools: Giving Back to SC - Kelly Nalley, SC TOTY 2011 (February 2011)
The World of Julia Peterkin: Cheating the Stillness
Visual Literacy Festival Showcase: Computer Technology/Video, 2010-2011
Monsters Inside Me series
Head Rush series
Build It Bigger series
March 2011
Gov Nikki Haley 2011 State of the State
In Our Schools: Hillcrest High Focuses on Careers
Riverbanks Roundup: Green Animals
Finding Money for College 2011
Youth Services
In Our Schools: American Education Week 2011
eLearning Coaching Initiatives: Thinkfinity and INTEL Teach
SC-Alt Test Administration Training (2011)
Build It Bigger series
The Global Generation series
Healing Our Troubled Planet
Weather Start series