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The Electric CompanyThe Electric Company is Back!

M-F 5:00 p.m.

The new version of The Electric Company is a multi-media literacy campaign targeting kids ages six to nine, designed to combat the literacy crisis facing America’s second graders. The programs are brought to life with a narrative story-line, music videos, sketch comedy, animation and short films.

The cast of characters of The Electric Company is a group of do-gooders who keep the neighborhood safe with their literacy super-powers, and who solve problems often created by a group called “The Pranksters.”

"Children are most responsive when they see characters that they can relate to, in environments in which they naturally play,” says Executive Producer Karen Fowler. “We worked hard to make sure that we had our fingers on the pulse of what children need to succeed and what will attract them.”

Visit the site online at


Biz Kid$Biz Kid$

M-F 5:30 p.m.

Biz Kid$ is a television series designed to entertain and teach children how to make and manage money, while inspiring them to pursue their dreams.  Each season will contain standards-based episodes that provide upper-elementary and lower-middle grades students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in a global economy. The series demonstrates the importance of planning, goal-setting, risk-taking, and thoughtful decision-making within the context of financial decisions. The series also encourages the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.


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