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Dark Chocolate Superfood Bark

October 27, 2017 - Posted in Making it Grow by Sean Flynn
Dark Chocolate Superfood Bark

With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be making homemade treats and baked good to share with family and friends. What better gift is there than chocolate? Lucky for all of us, Laurie Aker from Earth Fare and her 8 year old helper Ellie visit us at "Making It...

Pumpkin Carving Tips

October 27, 2017 - Posted in Making it Grow by Sean Flynn
A Jack-O-Lantern

Sumter High School students Kathryn Parker and Jalen Johnson show us at "Making It Grow" how they carved pumpkins for Halloween using techniques they learned in class. Sumter High School Visual Art teacher Heidi Adler also brings in some examples from other students at...

Drunken Jack, The Pirate

October 27, 2017 - Posted in Carolina Stories by William Richardson
Drunken Jack

During the golden age of piracy, there came an afternoon on which a pirate ship sailed into Murrell's Inlet to bury a treasure they would imbibe in that very night. By late in the afternoon, the rum had been buried and the pirates had begun to build there bonfires. Many...

The History of Halloween

October 27, 2017 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Lynn Cornfoot

Costumes, candy, haunted houses, and ghost stories...everything we think of when it comes to Halloween, but it wasn’t always this way. We take a look at how this spooky holiday has transformed over the centuries.

Sea Cucumbers

October 27, 2017 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Rudy Mancke
A sea cucumber.

A listener finds hundreds of sea cucumbers on the beach at Pawleys Island.

Building a Business With Connectors

October 27, 2017 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Mike Switzer
Kelly and David Schlitter

Kelly and David Schlitter Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio You may have heard about our next guests’ company from a recent mention on this show during one of our regular interviews with John Warner, who is always talking up the entrepreneurial activity in our state. And...

The Reverend Jesse Jackson

October 26, 2017 - Posted in HBCU Rising by Jackie Johnson
Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville, South Carolina. Living under Jim Crow segregation laws, Jackson was taught to go to the back of the bus and use separate water fountains, practices he says he accepted until the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. He attended the racially...

Matthew Perry Jr

October 26, 2017 - Posted in SC Hall of Fame by Jackie Johnson
Matthew Perry Jr

Matthew J. Perry, was Born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1921. Perry, who excelled academically, attended local segregated schools and started college, at historically black South Carolina State College, located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, studying business. He served...

Nursing Home Technology Keeps Elderly Patients Out of Hospitals

October 26, 2017 - Posted in Telehealth by John Lewis
Nurse Mary Guillaume assesses Eleanor Grayson at her cottage at the Village at Summerville nursing home.

Doctors are available during normal business hours at most nursing homes. But medical issues can happen at any time, and vulnerable elderly patients still need to be seen as soon as possible. “Before telehealth, we’d have to call the physician, tell them what was going on,...

The Legend of Becky Cotton

October 26, 2017 - Posted in Carolina Stories by William Richardson
Becky Cotton

Becky Cotton was born around 1765 and married John Cotton around 1785. Becky's father was killed when three men burst into the house, but her husband did nothing to stop it. The legend has it that she waited for him to fall asleep and buried an axe into his skull. She was...

Sooty Tern

October 26, 2017 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Rudy Mancke
An adult sooty tern.

A lowcountry vet finds a juvenile sooty turn, likely blown in by a storm.

Increasing Metallurgy Education in SC

October 26, 2017 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
South Carolina Business Review logo

The last time we had our next guest on this show, he was running our state’s pre-eminent public-private partnership known as SCRA. Last year, he left SCRA and took a position with an organization that is working to bring more materials-based education to South Carolina...

November 6-10 is Media Literacy Week!

October 25, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Media Literacy Week logo

Media Literacy Week is an annual event that takes place every November. Media Literacy Week highlights the importance of teaching children and teens digital and media literacy skills to ensure their interactions with media are positive and enriching.

SCETV Presents Live at the Charleston Music Hall

October 25, 2017 - Posted in SCETV Presents by Amy Shumaker
Edwin McCain at microphone singing a song.

Recorded live at the historic Charleston Music Hall, host Mark Bryan (Hootie & the Blowfish) brings audiences an impressive roster of musical talent in this new concert series. Packed full of soulful songwriting and award-winning music, the series shines through Mark's...

"I Made It Here: I'm Back": The Midlands Flood Recovery Group Celebrates 200 Home Repairs

October 25, 2017 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Olivia Aldridge
Teenagers in blue shirts laugh together while standing against a wall

Early this month, South Carolina reached the 2-year anniversary of the devastating October 2015 rain event, offering a natural opportunity to pause and observe the many tragedies that the widespread flooding wrought, and the many triumphs of recovery that have followed. The...